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The most important fact that I know about a Margarita is that I like it and I think it likes me too.

I also know that Margaritas are made with tequila and lime and sometimes other stuff. You can get them on the rocks for frozen. Sometimes they’re great and sometimes not. And I know that Margaritas are my Signature Drink.

That’s been enough to cement our relationship.

And the relationship is pretty good. I sometimes wonder about my Margarita’s history – what it’s mixed with, who else is interested in it, where it’s been – but I haven’t asked probing questions. When I Google search, it’s only to find a recipe (I swear) and since it’s the Margarita that often keeps me out too late, I feel like I have a handle on its status.

But then I found Brian Petro (Twitter; @Create_Daily), a self described cocktail historian, enthusiast and creator. I went out on a Twitter limb and asked him if he knew the history of  Margaritas and he sent me a link to his post titled, “If Life Gives You Limes”.

Do you know that sour mix was added to the Margarita ingredient list in the 70’s and 80’s to increase the volume of the drink so it could compete with other cocktails? (Though I hate mix I do like volume so I have mixed feelings here.)

Do you know that tequila gained popularity in the USA during prohibition and that at the height of Margarita popularity, we were enjoying 185,000 Margaritas an hour? (The we here is both a plural pronoun and the “Royal We”. I’m not responsible for the potential 4,440,000 margaritas consumed in a 24 hour period but We are happy to contribute where We can. And We had no idea Our Margarita is so promiscuous.)

Brian, thank you for the education. And everyone, check out Brian’s post. There are lots of other cool facts, a recipe and a funny picture of a cat with a lime peel helmet on its head. If you’re into funny cat pictures, it’s worth it just for that.

Coming soon: Margaritas in Maine and the results of my informal Twitter poll on tequila. (I even got a response from the man who made me the Margarita that saved my life.)

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