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English: Barrels for tequila on display at the...

Barrels for tequila on display at the National Museum of Tequila in Tequila Jalisco Mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tuesday, July 24 is National Tequila Day
To help everyone get even more joy from their celebrations, here is a review of the health benefits of drinking margaritas and of course, tequila. Yes, there are health benefits.  I swear I’m not making this up. Check out the back up.
So here we go:
1.     Tequila lowers cholesterol!
2.     Tequila aids digestion!
3.     Tequila has been proven to ward off dementia. Though this could have more to do with the social benefits of meeting friends for a drink and not from drinking the spirit itself.
4.     Margaritas are often flavored with fruit and chock full of antioxidants. Pomegranate Margaritas, a particularly tasty treat, may also be particularly healthful.  Studies show that pomegranate juice may fight cancer, protect your arteries, lower cholesterol and protect your brain. Check out healthdiaries.com for pomegranate scoop.  And, though I can’t source this on the Internet, I heard a very fun pomegranate fact when I was watching local news at an obscenely early hour on Sunday morning. In a segment on healthy food they reported consuming pomegranate juice helps sunscreen work better
My suggestion for the perfect National Tequila Day celebration?  Slather on SPF and sit in the sun with a frozen pomegranate margarita.  Bring friends to amp up the fun factor and keep dementia at bay.  Then schedule a post-drink cholesterol test to show off your low LDL numbers to your doctor.
If margaritas aren’t your thing (always shocking to me but it happens) I have another suggestion.  If you’re in NYC, go to my new favorite bar, Jeffrey’s Grocery (Waverly Place in the West Village).
I have no idea if there’s a Jeffrey but there is a great bartender.  Suzanne works Thursday – Saturday so she’ll be celebrating National Tequila Day by soaking up sun, antioxidants and drinking a healthy drink and won’t be behind the bar.  But even if Suzanne isn’t there, the bar has a friendly vibe and they’re rolling out with a brand new tequila drink on Tuesday. (Coincidence?)  Suzanne was kind enough to give me a sneak peek at the new tequila magic.  It’s called “Part Time Lover” and is a mix of Blanco Tequila, Lemon, Cointreau, a dash of Chilli/Chocolate Bitters and Szechuan Pepper Agave and three Bing cherries.  The name alone is reason it order it.  And then of course, there’s the tequila.
If you go and Suzanne is there, be sure to order a margarita.  She makes hers with love and it shows.

Suzanne’s Excellent Margarita at Jeffrey’s Grocery

A special thank you to @mscharlies for keeping me up with important dates.
And now a word from my Dad:  Please drink responsibly as being stupid erases all the health benefits mentioned above.
Happy National Tequila Day everyone! Looking forward to hearing about the tequila themed fun!

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