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My mother tells me that my friend Dana and I were baptized in the same ceremony. (Dana was born two weeks before me. Yes, she’s much older.)

It was just the doings at St. Mary’s Church that day but being baptized together means we’re among the first people each other ever met. I use “met” loosely. I’m sure we mingled with our respective admirers as babies tend to get passed from arms to eager arms but it’s not like we were able to catch each other’s glance and share a giggle over the priest’s bad breath or the kid who cried like a baby when the holy water hit his head.

But we were in the room together and in the years since and today, still enjoy being in rooms together.

You don’t need me to tell you all friendships are special (and there I said it anyway, and now you’re yawning) but there’s something extraordinary about the people who know us from the start. The ones who know where and how we grew up; the ones how have the same cultural references because they lived them; the ones who’ve been in our homes as children and as adults – and even with their children. These people are more than friends; they’re family.

For me, Dana is one of these people.

Today is the grand unveiling of my new and improved blog designed by Dana, my old great friend. Dana graciously offered her time and talent to transform margagogo.com from a lime green akin to the color of a mix-abused margarita to something zingy, swingy and classy.

This is my 30th post – a birthday of sorts so even more fitting that one of my longest standing friends gave my blog, margagogo, a new birthday suit.

Dana’s company is Gooseberry Graphic Design (named after a Gooseberry bush at her parent’s home – a vivid childhood memory). So go “like” Gooseberry Graphic Design on Facebook and for design info, email: info@gooseberrygraphicdesign.com

Now I’m off to buy my designer and great friend a thank you margarita!

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