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It seems frivolous to write about margaritas in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

So today I won’t just write about margaritas. I’m writing about Margaritas, coffee, Manhattans and meals. Because everyone can take part in New York’s recovery: Go eat and drink.

If you’re able, please spend some time and money in a neighborhood that’s getting its bounce back. A lot of businesses flooded. Many more lost power. And they spent the post storm “lull” cleaning and scrubbing and restocking and planning. And they have a message for us:

And they are open!












I went downtown last night with some members of the Independent Panel of Judges and we spread the love, first having drinks at Terroir and then dinner at The Harrison. Terroir had to throw out tons of food and pour wine down the drain that corked in the not so cool coolers. They’re happy to be open and were happy to see us. The Harrison had flooding but got it cleaned up in time to host a planned event, a wedding, in their downstairs room. Their menu is smaller than usual but the food is as good as always. We had pumpkin risotto that was so good I dreamt about it.

Drinks at The Harrison

Of course I had a margarita (it was awesome) and the Independent Judge who specializes in mixology says The Harrison twist on a Manhattan is excellent.

If you’re unsure about what’s open, check out Grub Street. They’re keeping an updated list of places as they reopen.

I hope to see you downtown, eating, drinking, being part of the community, the growing crowds and growing good will.

Anyone hungry?

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